Alain Roche Piano Solo – “WINTER SOLSTICE“

Alain Roche WINTER SOLSTICE Toulouse Lautrec

Alain Roche, the renowned Swiss pianist and creator of the innovative PIANO VERTICAL project, is thrilled to unveil his latest masterpiece, WINTER SOLSTICE. With over a decade of global touring under his belt, Roche has astoundingly combined horizontality and acoustics to captivate audiences worldwide.

Line Up and Timings

7.30pm – Act #1 Ali Warren

8.15pm – Intermission

8.30pm – Act #2: Alain Roche Piano Solo – “WINTER SOLSTICE”


Crafted on the enchanting island of Fleinvaer in northern Norway, WINTER SOLSTICE draws inspiration from the hidden symphonies of nature, imperceptible to the human ear. This singular composition, comprised of a single movement, ingeniously integrates the gravitational pull of celestial bodies that govern Earth’s seasons. Roche skillfully transposes the perpetual cycle of nature into hypnotic, elastic rhythmic cells, forming an awe-inspiring score.

WINTER SOLSTICE serves as a remarkable prelude to Roche’s ground breaking SOLSTICE TO SOLSTICE project. Embarking on a monumental endeavour, Roche will perform a daily dawn recital, suspending his piano in the ethereal sky while capturing the harmonious sounds of nature’s choreography. From the winter solstice on December 22, 2023, to the summer solstice on June 20, 2024, audiences will witness 182 uninterrupted performances, each an unforgettable spectacle. This extraordinary series will take place at the future Bavarian Konzerthaus in Munich.

For more information and updates on Alain Roche’s awe-inspiring projects, visit our website:

Experience the captivating composition and piano artistry of Alain Roche, in collaboration with the talented Djamel Cencio. Management and diffusion of these extraordinary performances are expertly handled by Emilien Rossier, the visionary behind oh la la — performing arts production.

Alain Roche

Ali Warren


  • Date : Tue, 29 Aug
  • Time : 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (UTC+0)
  • Venue : Jazz Club

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