east london strippers collective

Life Drawing with the East London Strippers Collective
Fast paced high-octane aerial pole poses

East London Strippers Collective (ELSC) is a network of strippers, artists, and performers, supporting and promoting self-organization among strippers, challenging stigma around sex work, and fighting for harm reduction in the wider sex industry. 

ELSC is a company run entirely by dancers and ex-dancers. From pop-up strip-club parties, to public talks, art exhibitions, and life-drawing classes, ELSC is creating its own working conditions and supporting members of its community. 

ELSC runs a popular stripper life-drawing class giving artists a unique opportunity to draw strippers performing and pole-dancing, turning the age-old tradition of artistic nudes on its head.

The class is fast paced and features high-octane aerial pole poses & traditional life drawing with a couple 5, 10 and 15 minute poses.

ELSC also do an extremely popular “audience participation” exercise. It is a nod to the “lap dance” and encourages a fun, mischievous mood throughout the class.

All our models are strippers or ex-strippers.  We welcome newcomers and veterans alike. 

No experience necessary – we can’t wait to make love and make art with you!

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