Gospel Sundays: The Amazing Grace Show

“Amazing, best gospel show ever.  I liked that a story was being told along with the music.”

“Informative, uplifting and very entertaining – fabulous singing!”

We are storytellers. We combine music and storytelling exploring the origins, history and culture of negro spirituals, work-songs, ragtime, gospel and blues.  Stirring renditions from a songbook rich in pain, resistance, and hope. 

We take our audience on a cultural, spiritual, musical and educational journey through the horrific enslavement of Africans, the horrifying journey across the Atlantic, the brutal life on the plantations in America’s deep-south, and the unwavering desire to escape to freedom, and through these horrors, how it led to the birth of something beautiful, Gospel music.

Gospel Sundays
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Gospel Sundays: The Amazing Grace Show

Expect a musical, cultural, spiritual and educational journey exploring the unwavering desire to be free and how this led to the development of Gospel music.